Announcing my new blog

As a pastor I write lots of material that is geared specifically toward living the Christian life.  Usually these are expositions of biblical passages that I have been teaching on, or cultural themes that are uniquely connected to the church.  I have longed many times to write commentaries on political issues as well, but just didn’t feel like there was room on my Solomon’s Porch blog to engage in issues of public policy.  But I do feel the church, and Christians individually, should play a prophetic role toward government as well as culture.  To that end I am announcing my new blog, The Evangelical Libertarian.

There have been two great conventions of men in my estimation.  The first met from 1643-1648 and those “divines” gave us the greatest ecclesiastical constitution the world has known to this point, The Westminster Confession of Faith.  Those men are pictured to the right above.  The second group of men met in 1787 in Philadelphia, and they gave us the greatest civil constitution the world has known up to this point, The Constitution of these United States.  The first group destroyed the doctrine of the “divine right of kings” over the church.  The second group gave us, for the first time, a government created to protect the liberty of individuals.  I believe that liberty, christian and personal, are the only sure defense against tyranny of all.  In future posts I hope to demonstrate that christian liberty and personal liberty, not only do not contradict, but actually spring from the same source, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria

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