Without the Government We Wouldn’t Have Roads? That’s Silly

The other night I was trolling facebook starting arguments….. Well, actually I was just commenting on a friend of mine’s post about the absolute stupidity of an arbitrary minimum wage hike.  Anyway, another friend of his starts sharing some State propaganda with all of us late night facebookers, about how what the world needs is more government agencies to help poor, hapless, ignorant, incapable fools (such as we Americans are in the eyes of bureaucrats) with all our problems.  And that, without the State we wouldn’t even have roads or space travel.  Well of course I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this public school ingrained nonsense.  I immediately went and gave my 15 year old homeschooling son a quick economics lesson at 1 am in the morning, lest he meet this kind of drivel unprepared, then I sat down at my computer to try and help this ignorant fellow out.  I sat there laughing, trying to imagine all of us sitting around wishing we could go some where, but unable to figure out how to lay asphalt, or plan a route to the nearest store without some overpaid unaccountable government worker overseeing it all.  Have we really come to a point in these United States that we believe we are helpless without the State apparatus.  I know some of you are thinking to yourselves right now, well, who would build roads if we didn’t have the State to do it, after all there’s no profit in it.  Well, there’s no profit in it because the State monopolizes it and doesn’t allow roads to be privatized.  Let me ask a simple question here.  Do you believe that Sears and J. C. Penney’s, as well as other retailers, would not ban together in a private association and make sure you could reach their stores to buy their wares.  The cost would be absorbed into the goods, and the bids would be competitive.  They’d keep their roads nice and neat, make them efficient, and would update them quickly according to need.  After all they wouldn’t want you frustrated in traffic trying to get to them, would they?  Does the State treat you this way?  Heck, no!  State road workers are a running joke, with three people standing holding one sign.

I’m not going to blow your minds with my Libertarian thoughts on space travel, but let me ask you this, “Who discovered the Americas?”  Was it a State, or was it pioneering entreprenuers who were willing to take risk that they might gain reward.  Yes, I know, kings put up some cash, but that was investment.  Who else was going to put up the cash in the medieval feudal system, serfs?  But the State didn’t discover anything.  It was too inbred and afraid to explore, believing they would sail off the edge of a flat World if they tried.  So, exploration did occur, and not by the State, but by brave capitalists. Our lesson for today children is this, roads and exploration both happened before the invention of the modern nanny State.  And we, dear reader, need much, much less of the State in our lives today.

The Evangelical Libertarian

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