The Living Wage: Hurts the Poor, the Economy, and the U.S., but it Helps Unions and the Democratic Party, and that’s the Real Point

It doesn’t take an economic genius to foresee that an arbitrary minimum wage hike will hurt the poorest workers in the United States. If there are two laborers available to work in the free market, one who has a labor value of 8 dollars per hour because he/she is unskilled, and another that has a labor value of 15 dollars per hour because he/she possesses skills, when the wage is arbitrarily increased to 15 dollars per hour, the 8 dollar per hour unskilled laborer will be pushed out of the market place. Why would any business owner in their right mind intentionally hire a laborer with no skill, when they are going to be forced to pay skilled labor wages? Point of fact, they won’t. Unskilled labor will be virtually wiped out in the market place. So the question arises, “Are labor organizers complete idiots?” Not a chance. They know that 50% or more of that poor crowd of economic ignoramuses that they have whipped into a class-warfare frenzy at the McDonalds Headquarters are going to likely loose their jobs if the plan to get a living wage succeeds. So why do they want it? The answer to this question is simple, national unionization of the food service industry. In other words, more job security for themselves and power for their party.


The elites in Washington care not one wit for the poor. They only care for power. And what does a politician need to gain or stay in power? Votes. Votes are something that unions deliver by the millions. As I see it, the living wage is a key step in the march toward national unionization of the food service industry. Once the living wage is accomplished, whatever that amount turns out to be, then close on the heels will come the cry for unionization. These two stages are currently trying to be accomplished together. I believe unionization will fail the first go round. But then the effects of the living wage on the poorest workers will begin to be felt as they are replaced with skilled labor and automation. Those filthy, greedy, capitalist dogs in the food service industry will be decried as un-American in the media and in advertising blitzes by union organizers. Michael Moore or someone of his ilk will make a movie I’m sure about the billions served and made at McDonalds. The captains of industry will try to explain the cost of business, and how the automation and job losses among the poor are because of the living wage. It’s a nuanced argument that takes longer than thirty seconds to explain, so of course the media won’t cover it because it won’t sell advertizing. The poor will reject it, refusing to believe that they might possibly have something to do with why they no longer have jobs. It couldn’t possibly be their fault. Nor will they believe it is the fault of the nice men in suits from the food service unions that brought this new wonderful increase in wage upon them. No, it must be their money loving employers. Public opinion will turn against the food service industry tycoons, and they will open the door to unionization. In the end you’ll have a National Food Service Union with tentacles in all the major food service conglomerates. They’ll negotiate special paid breaks for their members so that during elections they can get paid time to go vote. They’ll send shuttles over to take them to the polls and back again. Then there will be those special meetings where the union higher ups will explain who the union is supporting in the election, and who their members should vote for at the polls. Just to be clear, they will be instructed to vote for the American Marxist Party, i.e. the Democratic Party, those champions of the poor.


Never mind that this whole process will destroy the labor market for the poorest workers. Never mind that this process will drive up restaurant dining costs. Never mind that the industry will shrink as a whole, as many people, mainly the poor who eat there now, won’t be able to eat there any more, since they won’t be able to afford it. They won’t have jobs. Never mind that this is bad for our economy and our country. Never mind that every thing that Marxists have ever done has ended in complete disaster. That there never has been a truly innovative and productive economy that Marxists have created. They just kill things and stifle prosperity. Does Detroit ring a bell anyone? GM anybody? Does the Soviet Union sound familiar? The first thing the Bolsheviks did in 1918 was to organize into trade guilds and flatten pay scales (raising some wages arbitrarily) to create equality. It crumbled, not because of an arms race with America, as Reagan fan girls would have us all believe. It crumbled because the incentives to work had been removed. The Bolsheviks destroyed the keys to prosperity when they destroyed the free market.


This is the future that one half of the masters of the universe in Washington, D.C. have dreamed up for you. To put you into homogeneous labor groups, pay you all the same wage regardless of skill and work ethic, and feed you through government handouts like generous benefactors so you will continue to vote for them and believe you are free. Keep your eye on the prize. The real purpose of the living wage is the unionization of the food service industry, another feather in the cap of the Democratic Party to go along with the textile, steel, and agricultural industries. Unionization brings votes, and with votes come power. Power, power brings control, and another word for control, is tyranny.

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