The Foreign Policy Shell Game and Iran

First of all let me say this, “The Iranian leaders are bad people”. But that’s also my opinion of the Chinese leaders, Russian leaders, and frankly, the European technocrats too. I’m equal opportunity when it comes to central states and foreign policy. I do not like any of them. But a question keeps rolling around in the back of my mind, “Why does the United States hate Iran so much?” Really it doesn’t make any sense. I know, I know, they were chanting death to America the other day. But you’d be upset to if another country,

  1. Toppled your democratically elected leadership
  2. Funded your enemies in war and provided them weapons
  3. Isolated you in trade from the rest of the world
  4. Dictated the denomination and sale of your exports
  5. Kicked you off of the international financial system
  6. Spoke openly of toppling your current government
  7. Refused to allow you to pursue alternative energy sources
  8. Shot down one of your commercial air liners in your air space
  9. Meddled in your political affairs for over 60 years

We have done all of these things to the Iranians. We toppled the Shah, not a great guy, but their elected leader in 1951. I know that his election was not as pure as ours, and may have even been fraudulent, but he was their leader and we chose to remove him. Who did we install? The Ayatollahs. That’s correct, the very people we are railing against now, were our hand picked guys.

Remember Saddam Hussein? Well, he was our guy too once upon a time. During the more than decade long war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980’s, we provided weaponry, funding, and intelligence to the Iraqis against the Iranians.

After radical students took control of our embassy in Iran in 1979, precipitating a “Hostage Crisis” we confiscated 12 billion dollars in assets from the Iranians. Since that time we have engaged in a long protracted financial war against Iran. Which brings us to our next point.

Because the dollar is the world reserve currency, we tell Iran that they cannot sell oil in anything other than dollars without paying a heavy international price. Oil is their chief export. Therefore we attempt to control their trade for our benefit, damaging them financially at every turn. We also had them removed from the SWIFT System, which is the international wire transfer system, again, economically isolating them, and damaging them financially.

Just as frequently as they speak of death to America, we speak of death to Iran. Our language is a bit more sophisticated of course, but to threaten bombing is to threaten death. We, on many occasions have spoken openly of their governments over throw, and the death of their leaders. How do we think that is perceived by their population? Well, how would it be perceived by our population? The truth is that there is a very large group of people that would love to see democracy come to Iran, inside Iran. There are more than 300,000 Christians in Iran with more than 600 churches. But, when we speak of death to Iran, bombing Iran, and we attempt to starve Iran through economic sanctions, we create a monolithic distaste for the United States across the whole nation.

We have also accused Iran again and again of attempting to develop weapon grade nuclear material despite there being absolutely no evidence to support the claim. None. Iran has never been shown during any of the inspections to have violated the Nuclear Proliferation Agreement, or to be in pursuit of weapons grade nuclear material. In fact, they have a fatwa (an Islamic legal pronouncement prohibiting it). Here is what Khamenei said,

“The Americans say they stopped Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. They know it’s not true. We had a fatwa, declaring nuclear weapons to be religiously forbidden. It had nothing to do with the nuclear talks.”

I am fully aware that in Islam it is fine to lie to infidels. But in this case it is true. They did have a religious ruling in place forbidding the development of nuclear weapons. And over all these long years they have never once been caught trying to develop them. Instead, what a nation their size needs is a sustainable source of power. Something nuclear power can provide for them. That is all (and this is fact), that they have been trying to develop.

Here are two articles, one in favor of the Iran nuclear deal and one opposed, that states the facts about Iran’s nuclear ambitions to this point in history.

David Stockman “Praise to Barrack Obama for Giving Peace a Chance”


Jewish Business News

Finally, we even shot down Iranian flight 655 on its way from Tehran to Dubai in 1988. All 290 people onboard died, including 66 children. The plane was in their air space and on a commercial route. The cruiser Vincennes, an American ship, had entered Iranian territorial waters after a brief clash with Iranian speedboats operating within Iranian territorial limits. The crew mistook the plane for an Iranian F-14 fighter. The rest is history.

Instead of weakening the current Iranian regime, we have strengthened it. This long history of meddling and international malice toward Iran on our part has created a situation in the Middle East that has not served to provide for us any strategic advantage. Instead we are constantly being brought to the brink of unnecessary war, by men, who think the world is a big game of Risk melded together with a big game of Monopoly. If any of these actions had been taken against the U.S. by another nation it is highly likely that nation would now be a pile of rubble. All these actions could be construed themselves as acts of war. I’m not saying Iran is an innocent bystander. They have blame and there is enough to go around. What I am saying is that we have not acted as an international leader and an example to be followed on the international stage.

But what’s more confusing is our long-standing friendship with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country ruled by a dictatorship. It is a country that regularly beheads dissidents, including Christians, for “proselytizing”. It is a country that regularly funds our enemies, such as ISIS. It is the country from which most of the 9/11 hijackers immigrated to the U.S. from. It is a country that has shown on many, many occasions, that it is not our friend. Yet Iran, we are told, is the greatest monster in the Middle East, or perhaps even the world.

Iran is a nation that follows the Shia branch of Islam. Most Shia dominated nations are relatively peaceful. The Shia branch seems to produce more stable countries. Shia nations do not generally produce radical Islamic terrorists. In general, Shia states lean or become more secularized over time. But that’s not the case with Sunni states like Saudi Arabia. Sunnis produce more violent factions. They are much more prone to radicalization. Al Qaeda and ISIS are bi-products of the Sunni faith, not the Shia faith. With all this in mind, why on earth are we not saying that Saudi Arabia, Quatar, and Arab Emirates are the monsters of the World. They are producing terrorists and funding terrorism all over the globe. And, Saudi Arabia is planning to build 16 nuclear reactors over the next 20 years. Why are we not screaming from the roof-tops about the possibility of their development of nuclear weapons in the future? ISIS is right next door to them. ISIS has a lot of sympathy inside of Saudi Arabia. Much of their population already believes the King’s family is way to cozy with the West and America in particular. They are much more likely to be over-thrown in the future by radical terrorist types than Iran. Why would we allow the Saudis to build nuclear reactors?

In contrast, who joined our fight in northern Iraq to turn back ISIS? Not Saudi Arabia, but Iran. Iran realizes that it is fighting for it’s life and it will not allow Sunni radicals to set up camp on it’s borders. Iran is ISIS sworn enemy. We have an ocean separating us from ISIS, but Iran does not. For Iran the fight with Sunni radicals is in actuality a life or death struggle. They, it seems to me, would be much more suitable partners to fight against radical Islam than our Saudi Arabian friends. So why so much amity for Saudi Arabia and so much enmity for Iran?

The answer is simple. Oil and money. The Saudis will only sell oil in dollars. Therefore they are our friends. But Iran bid the dollar farewell. After years of disagreement with the U.S., Iran asked all it’s customers to pay in a denomination other than U.S. dollars. They formed a “free trade zone” on the island of Kish in the Persian Gulf, and in 2008 successfully converted all their petroleum sales to currencies other than dollars. If you don’t understand international finance you may think “so what?” But when you realize that the reason the U.S. can print so much money and not suffer hyperinflation is because it exports most of its dollars to other countries that need them to purchase oil, this becomes a big deal. If the U.S. hold on the international currency monopoly is broken, then the U.S. will suffer economic catastrophe because all those dollars we printed that are currently chasing oil on foreign markets will come crashing back to U.S. shores. The U.S. cannot allow Iran to show the way out of the dollar. Therefore we must punish them, vilify them, and break them economically, in order to keep other nations from getting any ideas about trying to make a break with us too. In the end, if our sanctions and other punishments don’t work, you can count on tomahawk missiles.

Think about it. What could possibly cause the U.S. to have such a schizophrenic foreign policy? Take Syria for instance. Here’s Bashar Assad, bad guy, but our guy. He helped us quite a bit in the region after 9/11. After all, he is Shia. Taking out Sunni radicals is a priority for his government. But all in a sudden in 2008, the big Shia dogs (Iran) on the block say, “we’re going off the dollar, we’ll show the way”. After that all Shia run states come up for grabs and you get, “The Arab Spring” a few years later, which sweeps, with U.S. aid, Sunnis into power in several countries. We wiped out a bunch of secular Shias and installed a bunch of radical Sunnis. Now back to Assad. In Syria we will arm moderate Sunni rebels. But those same moderate Sunni rebels cross an imaginary line in the sand called the border of Iraq, and all in a sudden they’re ISIS. Assad is the enemy of our enemy (ISIS). Why would we arm our enemy (ISIS) to fight a guy who is not our enemy (Assad). That’s schizophrenic. Makes absolutely no sense. Unless it’s not about “human rights” and democracy and all that jazz but is instead about our global economic control and getting our guys into power in that region. It appears to me that we have chosen sides. We chose our enemies, Sunni radicals over Shias, merely because of their position on the dollar.

My point is that this is a shell game, keep your eye on the pea and forget about the shells. The pea is dollar hegemony, and Iran is side ways with the U.S. because they are trying to break free from it. This also explains the resurgence of the cold war, or the New Cold War as it has come to be called. Russia, with Iran and China are constructing their own SWIFT system for international banking and finance between themselves and the rest of the east. Russia’s return to the world stage has come with a call for the de-dollarization of the world. We’re also bickering with China over some rocks in the South China Sea, another nation that wants to de-dollarize the world. We are watching the world grow tired of our economic abuse, and we are out of financial options to deal with them. Our only recourse now is war. Hopefully the American people will eventually reject the sociopaths that run our government, and choose the way of peace, prosperity, friendship, and mutual exchange. My hope is that we will exhibit a leadership again that causes the World through admiration to want to follow our example, as was the case in the past. Until then just remember, the current news cycle is just a shell game. Iran has never tried to build a bomb, but the psychopaths in our Central State would like to drop a few on them as an example to what happens when you try and leave the Global U.S. Empire.

The Evangelical Libertarian

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