My Pre-Election Prediction and 3 Reasons Why I was Right

This is the election prediction I posted to my personal Facebook account Monday night November 7th. I’m going to be writing a little more in the future to explain what I saw in the electorate that helped me to foresee what the national media never dreamed would happen. Also to help Millennials, who hate the president elect with a passion, understand why middle America would repudiate Hillary Rodham Clinton so profoundly. Blessings.

Prediction Below
“Ok, I’m going to bed, but before I do I want to dabble in a little political speculation, just for fun, I dislike both candidates, so here’s my unbiased opinion.
I think we could see a Brexit moment. I suspect that there is going to be about a 4-6% discrepancy between the polls and the actual result leaning towards Trumplandia for 2 reasons. 

(1) Poll weighting. Most I saw had a 7-9% sampling advantage towards democrats because that’s how things fell out for Pres Obama. African Americans I do not think will vote in as high a concentrations for Hillary as they did last election.

(2) A politically correct environment encourages lies. I believe there is a large contingent of soft support for Trump, but these people would never admit to it because of the charge that they were racist, xenophobic, deplorables. But they will close the curtain and punch the button for Trump, plain and simple.

Because of those 2 reasons, I believe tomorrow could be a shocker. Then again all the polls could be right. There’s my unsolicited 2 cents. If I’m right, here’s another tip, sell stocks tomorrow morning, because the market will fall off of a cliff Wednesday. Hillary is priced in to win. Sell the peso too because that currency will fall through the floor. It’ll take a lot more of them to build that wall.


3 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Our President

Reason #1

She is the most scandal ridden candidate to ever run for office. For those of us that have a memory that stretch back to the 90’s this list is long. Whitewater, Jim Mcdougall, Vincent Foster, Travelgate, Looting the Whitehouse when they left office, Pillaging Haiti, Using the IRS to punish political opponents, Bashing Bill’s Victims (not accusers), Benghazi, Emailgate, and one could list many, many more scandals and criminal investigations.

For this reason alone I have said since before the primaries even began that Republicans could nominate a ham sandwich and win against HRC. While President Elect Trump (who I did not vote for) has issues in regards to his behavior and other moral issues, he does not have a public corruption list anywhere near comparable to HRC.

Reason #2 Infinitesimal Minority Sabotage

Remember, I am not affirming anything; I’m simply explaining it. The reason I am about to give you will go to the heart of the matter, and is as important as reason #1 as to why Hillary Clinton lost. Okay Millennials, prepare to need a safe space, because this one is going to hurt a little.
The actions of Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ+ Movement have just pushed the masses too far. First, before anyone goes after me on this, I was posting on this page about unarmed african americans, special needs, and suicidal people being executed on camera by police officers as unacceptable long before BLM even existed, and I strongly believe the nation’s law enforcement needs to be retrained in the Constitution. That being said, BLM and LGBTQ+ Movement actions are largely to blame for the backlash witnessed in the election.

When Martin Luther King erected the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s, he did so with moral authority and non-violence, following the path of Gandhi, who, according to Gandhi himself, was following the example of Jesus. Non-violence. That is why he and his movement were successful, and that is why the nation could find healing in the period after his death. BLM is not built on King’s work but Malcom X and the Black Panthers’ work, which were neither non-violent, nor were they successful movements. King has a day dedicated to him, Malcom got a movie. Violence begets violence. If you live by the sword you will fall by it and nothing will become of your movement. Not so with King, he lives on in our midst though gone nearly 50 years now. Whether it is stymying free speech on college campuses, cultural appropriation, street violence, blocking traffic, attacking innocent white citizens driving near a protest site, or forbidding elderly white persons to pass on public side walks, all of it together was enough to assuage “white guilt.” Unless the tactics and dialogue change, BLM should expect to continue to press the electorate in the opposite direction that they would like them to go.

Same with the LGBTQ+ community. Forcing schools, retail stores, and public institutions to allow men dressed as women to use the same restrooms with little girls. Fomenting gender as a social construct instead of an objective anatomical reality. Forcing the education system to teach these things to middle schoolers. What did you expect these actions to produce in their parents and grand parents? When an infinitesimal minority (1-3% nation wide), under the guise of “love,” uses the power of government to alter entire social constructs over night, backlash was bound to occur, and it did. It is going to come at a bad time for your movement too. There are 4 aging justices on the Supreme Court, and if they are replaced by Constitutional Jurists (which they will be or The Donald’s fall will be as meteoric as his rise) you will be set back an entire generation.

People in these groups may not want to hear this, and you may not be aware of it, but, you are an infinitesimal minority. African Americans make up 18% of the U.S. population. Less than 50%, way less, are an active part of BLM. That is somewhere between 5-9% of the U.S. population. The politically militant LGBTQ+ Community is some decimal of 1%, as many who practice the lifestyle are not political actors. Hillary Clinton courted an extreme minority and called the vast majority of people in the U.S. a “basket of deplorables.” She was in New York when she said that, and Manhattan is not Topeka. In L.A. they think saying such things should be celebrated, but in the upper Michigan peninsula, not so much. This is the difference between the east and west coasts of the U.S. and flyover country. Flyover country is not gonna take this sort of cultural decimation of law and order lying down, and they could care less about what Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus think, much less where they live. They are tired of being ignored and insulted by children, their college professors, and politicians trying to score political points for their open and changing views. These groups are destroying time honored traditions and culture from inside insulated intellectual vacuums. Simply put, working class adults have just gotten tired of being pushed around, and they are the vast majority. Infinitesimally small political groups had better figure this out before they are legislated back to the stone age. As those sages of the 90’s, The Beastie Boys once said (even though they were involved in inappropriate cultural appropriation), “Listen all y’all it’s sabotage!”

I did not vote for Donald Trump, nor Barack Obama, nor G. W. Bush the second round, or Bill Clinton either. I have no dog in the hunt. I dislike Statism and spend most of my life pretending govenment doesn’t even exist. I wish we could allow each other the grace of life and peace. But as long as government is used to punish each other every 4 to 8 years for the previous 4-8 years transgressions, what I describe above will occur again and again with different actors in power. Such has been the last 8 years. What you sow, that shall you also reap. Buckle up democrats.

Reason #3 Illegal immigration
The same reason why Donald Trump was able to defeat all the other Republican candidates in the primaries, is the same reason he was able to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. After you realize the general public’s distaste for Hillary on both sides of the political aisle set the stage for his win. After you realize that BLM and LGBTQ+ hostility, looting, burning, manipulating, suing, and in general running amuck wearied the public. You must realize that since 1987 when Ronald Reagan legalized millions of illegal immigrants and then promised on behalf of the Republican Party to solve the illegal immigration issue, which it didn’t solve, it’s been boiling beneath the surface unremedied among Reagan Democrats and the rank and file Republicans. Donald Trump was the only candidate who would say, I’m going to stop illegal immigration and I’m going to make Mexico stop illegal immigration. While the left coasts see a stand against illegal immigration as racist and xenophobic, most regular citizens do not.



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