Little Alfie Evans and Gun Control

Well, Italy has announced that it is willing to open its doors wide to poor little Alfie Evans. Alfie is a child in England whose PARENTS do not want to deny him life support. Alfie is not vegetative or brain dead, but has developed a life threatening neurological condition that requires him to be on life support. The Children’s Hospital in England that he is in is actively working against his parents wishes that he continue to receive life support. In fact, the hospital staff and the Government of England have agreed together that Alfie should die in accordance with the European Court of Human Rights. Yesterday the hospital turned off the life support machines over his parents pleas. However, Alfie has hung on, and in the words of his father, “gobsmacked” the hospital and doctors. That, translated into American english means that little Alfie has “punched them in the mouth.”

What makes this worse is that Italy has offered him and his parents asylum. A hospital supported by the Vatican there has made themselves available to continue Alfie’s care. But England would rather kill him than ship him off to Italy for further care. And these are the people (national governments) that we are, according to the Left, supposed to willingly give our right not to be killed. What is commonly called the right of self-defense. A right that is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

When the framers wrote the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution there were two groups of people that they had in mind that people needed to be able to defend themselves against. They believed their citizens needed to be able to defend their life and property against criminals for sure. But they also believed that the citizens of the new nations needed to be able to defend their life and property against government intrusion too. Their knowledge of the history of England and the bloody civil wars of Europe, along with their current dilemma with of King George’s standing English army in their villages and towns, was enough to cement in their minds that governments were more dangerous than individuals. And I for one, do not understand why we have to learn this lesson again in the United States.

Stephen Paddock kill nearly sixty people in Las Vegas. Adam Lanza killed nearly thirty, mostly children, in Newtown. Nick Cruz killed more than fifty. Dylan Roof killed nine African-American parishioners in South Carolina. And the list could go on and on. For sure, there has been a change going back to 1967 with the birth of the modern mass shooter in Charles Whitman’s rampage on the campus of the University of Texas that killed sixteen people. There is a problem, it is just not a firearms problem. It is a moral and spiritual problem that transcends firearms. Recently the murder rate of London topped that of New York City. Firearms have been outlawed in London for years. Now they are banning knives. In Toronto yesterday a man rented a delivery van and mowed down twenty five people, killing ten. The problem with the Alfie Evans case is the same problem that haunted us with Charles Whitman, and the same problem that haunts us now with Nick Cruz. Across our land, and indeed across Western Civilization there is now a callous, evil, and nihilistic disregard for human life. The governments and universities of the Western World are rife with these people. Just because abortion is state sanctioned doesn’t mean that it is not mass violence. But if there is no God, nothing beyond this life, no meaning whatsoever to any thing, and all is random, then why not snuff out the mobil clumps of cells as well as the in-utero ones. If someone has Down’s Syndrome what do we do? Execute them, it’s better that way. Neurologically damaged babies? They worthless drains on society, useless eaters. Whose next? The aged? The infirm? Whose next? The Ideological opponents that disagree with this ideology of death we are all witnessing.

When mass shooters kill, we get deaths in the tens. When government kills we get deaths in the millions. The twentieth century was a century of mechanized death at the hands of ruthless Marxist dictators who systematically disarmed their populations so that they could not resist their will. David Hogg and Emma Gonzales are following the same ideology that the doctors of Alder Hay Children’s Hospital in England are following, as well as Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood followed. They all think they know what is best for everyone else. They all think that they are best equipped to make decisions regarding who should live and who should die. When Margret Sanger convinced the elites of this nation that incapacitated people, blacks, and other poor populations should die in the womb, she did it using public safety and quality of life as arguments. When the doctors at Alder Hay tell us Alfie should die, it is because of quality of life arguments. When Hogg and Gonzales (historically ignorant children that I doubt could tell me about anything that happened before the year they were born) make their arguments about gun control, they make public safety and quality of life arguments.

The Left in America has become a Marxist cult of death. First, they shout you down on college campuses and mock the death of a former first lady. Next, they make it impossible for those with whom they disagree to do business (like they are doing to the NRA and firearms makers now). Then they disarm you completely. After that, they do what they always do, to ensure public safety and quality of life issues, they kill you.

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