The Evangelical Libertarian is on a mission to unite the best theological perspectives with the best political and cultural analysis. I am a limited-statist libertarian which means I am for free markets and for traditional culture. I believe the government should be very limited in scope and power. I tend to be an anti-federalist in my understanding of the nation state, and I am anti-empire preferring local arrangements to national and regional ones.

I adhere to the Non-Aggression Principle in both national and domestic policy which means I would like to avoid war, foreign entanglements, and national alliances altogether if possible, instead choosing to pursue a policy of peace and equality with all. I am against abortion, coercive regulation, and the re-distribution of wealth through income taxes, all of which I consider aggression.

I am anti-modern in my orientation to the world, meaning that I am interested in returning to former political arrangements rather than trying to progress and invent new ones that have not been tried and therefore have unforeseen consequences. I hate ideology and therefore attempt to treat people as other human beings rather than a group classified under an ist or an ism. I do not desire radical change and I am not in pursuit of a libertarian Utopia.

I am a sincere Christian who holds the Scripture to be infallible, inerrant, and all sufficient. I believe Jesus Christ alone is the Savior of the whole human race and that one must surrender to Him by Faith in order to be saved and enter into a relationship with the Triune God. I am a pastor, and if I can help you, I’d love the opportunity to serve you.


Jeremy Mack

The Evangelical Libertarian

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