Tom Hanks New Movie “The Post” Is Pure Media Propaganda

The Post

Tom Hanks New Movie “The Post” Is Pure Media Propaganda

About a year ago my wife and I started watching the show “Blacklist”, the show that thrust James Spader back into the spotlight. I enjoy the show and am glad to see Spader make a come back, if for no other reason than nostalgia. We still watch the show, we just can’t binge watch it any more as we are caught up to the current season. What struck me about the show, coming to it so late, is the “New Cold War” theme that shows up in the first two seasons. You know, the two seasons that were written and filmed before the “New Cold War” began, before the Russians were the demon behind every bush. The idea struck me while watching “Blacklist” that the themes were planted in the script to get us ready for what was coming, Russian involvement in the Middle East, Russian hacking, and the resurgence of Russia on the world’s stage as a major power. Hollywood was priming the pump for us to re-receive the Russians as our new nemesis, moving them back into a role that they had already once previously occupied. It was like my childhood, with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen inspiring the youth of America to want to fight those dirty no good Ruskies in “Red Dawn”. Interestingly, Red Dawn was also re-made just prior to the beginning of the “New Cold War” too.

The War on Terror was winding down, and with China as our most favored national trading partner, America needed a new enemy and it couldn’t be them. It had to be one that Europe could fear too. We can’t let Britain, France, and Germany start thinking for themselves. And if you want to make F.I.S.A. courts a permanent part of the American judicial structure you need a new vastly more powerful boogeyman that can rig elections and effect the the homeland in order to get the public in an uproar… right?

Since I first noticed these themes in Hollywood a little over a year ago, I started paying closer attention to what is being released into my Netflix que. My wife loves the new show “The Brave”, and asked me to watch an episode with her. After five minutes of watching it I turned to her and said, “Darling, this is pure unadulterated propaganda.” A team of lethal American military operators roam the world snuffing out our enemies on foreign soil that they are generally not suppose to be on. Computer geeks in a blacked out room give them orders with plausible deniability. If they get caught we never knew they were there. Of course this is a candid admission that we actually do this kind of stuff all the time. The powers that be are just getting us used to the idea, making it palatable for us. Enticing us to emotionally invest in the characters so that when the real ones are discovered in the real world we will be in their corner without ever asking the hard question, “Should we be waging war on foreign soil without a declaration of war?” “Are we morally right to do so?”

Does all this sound like you should be wearing a tinfoil hat while reading it? Here’s a little additional reading on the subject to illustrate the point.

Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

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How the CIA Hoodwinked Hollywood

View at

But governments aren’t the only organizations that can run psychological operations using the media. The media themselves have learned from their handlers, and they have gotten pretty good at manipulating the public. Let me explain what I mean.

I just got done watching “The Greatest Showman”. I don’t like musicals at all. People singing and dancing when they should be talking is weird to me. One of the previews they showed before the movie started was for the new Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep drama called, “The Post”. It is about the Nixon Whitehouse and damaging leaks regarding the governments outright lies concerning the Vietnam War. But truthfully, that’s not what I think it is really about.

Over the past few years the fourth estate in this country has taken it on the chin. The entire 2016 election cycle was disastrous for the media. President Trump’s election was accomplished despite everything that they could throw at him. He spent practically no money against the media’s darling, Hillary Clinton, and still won the election. Since day one of his presidency the media has been actively trying to have him impeached, but to no avail. CNN is running a twenty-four hour a day negative campaign against him. And yet, he sits in the Oval Office tweeting away insults at them all day long and all they can do is gnash their teeth. This just goes to show how far the mighty have fallen. No one believes a word that the New York Times or The Washington Post print outside of Manhattan and Washinton D.C.. The hashtag #fakenews is everywhere. The Twittersphere fact checks the media ruthlessly. Bloggers are constantly ruining their story paradigms and alternative news sources report news from a different angle so that their is a variety of perspective. The internet has destroyed the corporate media’s monopoly on information. It has rankled them so much that they have been trying to get laws passed to proclaim them the official news service of the State, and bloggers as State sanctioned “fake news”. Sound far fetched? Then you forgot this story from 2013.

Feinstein wants to limit who can be a journalist

People have options now that they didn’t have before. Television news as we all once knew it is over, even in its current cable infotainment model. Print media is finished. But they, the establishment media, still believe that they can recover their lost reputation and cultural influence.

So what is “The Post” really about? It is a drama that shows the corporate media in a positive light. It makes them the hero of the story. The bad government men are thwarted by “The Post”, short for “The Washington Post”, which of course portrays their journalists as a virtuous group of people concerned with getting the American people the truth in order to take down the evil Whitehouse. It is, at the same time, both the media’s attempt to recover their former glory, and a wet dream (I’m sorry to be course here) about destroying Trump as they did Nixon. It is the leftist elite intellectuals in the U.S. entertainment complex running a psychological operation on the public, nothing more, nothing less.

Go and see it if you want to, just see it for what it is, a myth, like Harry Potter or Fantasia. Hanks and Streep are fantastic actors and I’m sure they’ll help sell us a compelling and entertaining story. But that will be all that is is, a story. Hollywood can tell a good story, no doubt. But their stories are about as historically accurate as Grimm’s Fairy Tales. And honestly, that’s kind of an insult to Mr. Grimm, who I hold in much higher esteem than The Washington Post or their Hollywood allies.The Post

“Patiently” Killing Capitalism and America

“Patiently” Killing Capitalism and America

Wednesday morning I checked the DJIA, and it was down just over triple digits. It stayed underwater all the way through lunch too. Then, miraculously, about 1:30 pm, it took off like a rocket, swinging 350 pts to the upside, closing over 200 pts in the black. Now I knew what caused it. I keep up with such things. The FOMC (The Fed) had just released their vague do nothing statement. They removed one measly little word. They removed the word, “patient”, meaning that they want us to think that they are going to begin to increase interest rates in the near future. This was meant to signal that all is right with the economy and that there is nothing but sunny spring days and tiptoeing through the tulips as far as the eye can see into the future for the U.S. economy. Is this capitalism? Should markets be hanging on the every word of unelected bankers about whether or not they will arbitrarily raise interest rates? Why does the Fed play such a large role in the economy? Because free markets are dead in America, that’s why.

Gone are the days when we actually looked at hard data. You know, things like the labor participation rate. Instead of looking at the phony government numbers that are built on new applications for unemployment insurance (which tell us nothing) , why not look at how many available workers are working. This tells us a far greater tale, and the story is bleak. Near all-time lows. Great Depression era lows.   Or, how about they tell us how many of these new jobs being created are minimum wage and/or part time. Truth be told, we know for a fact that about 90% of the good full time jobs created since 2010 were in the oil fields of North Dakota and Texas. We also know that oil rig leases are down, and that shale producers cannot be profitable at 50.00 a barrel oil, and that lay-offs have already begun. We know that the fourth quarter 2014 Christmas sales were abysmal, and that first quarter numbers are down as well in retail sales, wholesale orders, housing, commodities (the stuff it takes to make stuff), etc. We also know that the big jump in GDP in the third quarter last year were Obamacare costs coming online in the market. In other words, all that new money changing hands was coming out of workers pockets and going into state and federal healthcare exchanges. So yes, Americans did spend more…. on healthcare, not cars, tv’s, and restaurants. No magical Keynesian aggregate spending boost. Just plain old fashion inflation. The kind not reported by the government inflation numbers, which exclude food, energy, healthcare, and everything else in the average American’s home budget.

If we were living in a real economy, we would see wages rise against inflation, not fall, as they have done for 40 years now. If we were living in a real economy, the free market would set the “rent on money” (interest rates) according to the rules of competition. Savers would be able to save and earn a decent return for the lease of their capital (interest on savings). Banks would loan out the money that they receive through deposits. Banks would have strict credit standards so as not to lose their depositors money in bad loans. Banks would go out of business when they were reckless, and businesses would too. The market would clear bad debts, reallocate capital more efficiently, and actually recover from bad decisions. Unlike today, where we kick the can down the road for our children to pay the piper. Where are the adults? Where are the responsible men and women in the halls of power? Drunk on it likely. Neutered. To busy scratching the itch of some group or another. Having cocktail parties joking about us sloped forehead, knuckle dragging, morons out here in the real world paying the price for their cowardice and avarice.

When markets swing violently on the words of Janet Yellen and a private banking cartel, know that the end is nigh. Know that capitalism is dead. And that it took government collusion with those bankers to kill it. So, when your family suffers in the near future, blame the whole lot of them. Democrats and Republicans alike. Politicians, bankers, and lobbyists. And if we get the opportunity to make a change, choose individual freedom and free markets over the “fatal conceit” of an economy planned in the back rooms of Congress, the Treasury Department, and international banks. Remember, that it was individuals unfettered and far removed from the King of England that allowed the colonies of the New World to become prosperous. Same for Australia. Criminals given the ability to work, own land, and save, far removed from the British Parliament and it’s many laws and taxes, were able to escape poverty and even flourish in extremely harsh environment. 50 years ago, Hong Kong and Singapore were impoverished nations, yet today they are the freest and most prosperous nations in the world. Just in case you still thought this was the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are the land of the 18th most-free, and bravery, if Washington is any reflection, is all but lost.

Why the French Lost North America and Why Washington Eventually Will Too

Why the French Lost North America and Why Washington Eventually Will Too

My kids aren’t in the State Indoctrination Camps, we homeschool. I teach world history to homeschoolers every Friday as part of a local tutorial. I love history and firmly believe that even though history doesn’t repeat, it certainly rhymes. Which brings me to my point. Today I was teaching the future leaders of the free world about The French and Indian War. The book I use as a guide doesn’t give the real reason why the French lost that war, and were driven from the continent. It wasn’t because they were bad soldiers or bad military tacticians. They lost because their leaders were out of touch with reality. Louis XIV was a hard-working, brilliant dictator. Even though he began to sow the seeds of France’s destruction with the construction of Versailles by the blood and wealth of his subjects, nevertheless, he was available and attentive to the state of his country. He may not have cared much about his people, but he at least knew of their suffering.

In contrast, Louis XV was a lazy man. His father did not care for him much. As the leader of France he was hated. He died fairly young, but not until he had squandered most of what his father had built in the New World. When he died of small pox, they covered him in lyme, and chucked him in a hole in the middle of the night. While alive, he was suppose to be leading his people in The French and Indian War. Instead, he was absent, aloof, and uncaring concerning the plight of his people. While William Pitt, the Prime Minister of England, with whom he was at war, was making sure his men had money, weapons, food, and supplies to fight the costly war, Louis was lying in the lap of luxury disconnected from the reality of the day to day existence of his citizenry and soldiers. French soldiers didn’t lose because they were cowards, but because they were cold and hungry. French citizens weren’t hungry because they were lazy, but because they were being legally plundered. The French lost North America in the end because of corrupt and aloof leadership

Does this situation sound familiar? While I am thinking of the broader political class, President Obama is a great modern example of this type of clueless, aloof leadership. Many have called him “Vacationer and Chief”. While our soldiers have shed their blood in unjust foreign wars, he appears regularly to be playing more golf than governing. And when he is governing he is busy catering to lobbyists for green energy, attempting to destroy coal power plants and vetoing oil pipelines knowing full well that in the end these actions will drive up the cost of energy for his citizens. Like Louis XV, he doesn’t really care.. Republican leaders are just as aloof and clueless, just on a whole host of different big business lobby driven issues. Republicans are at war with their own conservative and libertarian base, choosing rather to cozy up to the Wall Street and the Country Club wing of their party. Passing omnibus spending bills, fully funding Amnesty, refusing to audit the Federal Reserve, bailing out “to big to fail” banks and car companies, etc. The political class is aloof and out of touch. While food prices go up and wages go down, they publish phony jobs numbers, knowing full well that the jobs being created are either lower wage, or part time, or both. While companies like Hewlett Packard fire 50,000 employees in order to create reserve cash to buy back their own stocks, driving the stock price up, and amassing huge bonuses for their executives. Congress and the President turn a blind eye to such unethical practices because, of course, this pushes up the stock market and allows them to take credit for a fake “economic recovery” so they can get re-elected and continue plundering the American people. Meanwhile, the rich get richer, misguided youth join Occupy Wall Street. Mandatory Minimum Wage movements gain steam. Tea Parties erupt. Libertarians start having a moment. What do all these things have in common? They are all anti-elite-political class movements. Let’s go back to France and Louis XV for a moment.

What happened after his death? The Enlightenment, “The Bloody Revolution”, and the end of Aristocracy in France. What fills the void when elitist, corrupt leaders lose legitimacy in the eyes of their citizens? Before we answer that, we need to ask, “What causes elitist, corrupt leaders to lose legitimacy?” Economic disruption, brought on by the actions and policies of those leaders usually does the trick. When Marie Antoinette supposedly said, “Let them eat cake”, France was in the middle of a desperate economic disruption caused by the constant wars, taxation, and luxuries enjoyed by the Aristocracy. What fills the void left by elitist, corrupt political leaders? Usually populist movements that claim the noble goal of returning the nation to it’s former glory, and promising never to allow a corrupt elitists political class to rule again. Think of Germany pre-World War II. The Treaty of Versailles had stripped Germany of her former glory. Years of punitive damages inflicted by the victors of World War I stunted Germany’s ability to economically recover. An unjust peace left hundreds of thousands of hungry, unemployed, Germans. This major economic disruption toppled the Weidmar Democracy, and led to the rise of the Nazi Party.

Russia at the turn of the 20th century was in a similar state. Years of aloof, corrupt leadership led to constant foreign wars, high taxation, a virtual caste system that was impossible to break out of, and an extremely prejudicial justice system where the poor simply could not get justice. What filled this gap? A populist movement known as the Bolsheviks came to power through revolution, and every member of the aristocracy that didn’t run was summarily executed. This began 70 plus years of rule by communism, which featured millions of deaths, via starvation, execution, Gulags, etc. Russia today is in the middle of such a movement. What is Vladmir Putin trying to accomplish? He is trying to return Russia to its former glory. This Ukrainian business and the Crimean secession is exactly the type of movement I have been describing. Russia needed a leader. A strong, charismatic figure arises and wins the hearts and imaginations of many Russians. Especially older Russians that remember, with nostalgia, Russia’s former place on the world stage. Russia is currently eyeing their former Baltic states as “economic partners”. But the Baltic nations know this partnership is an “offer they can’t refuse”, to quote Vito Corleone.

The U.S. is now showing signs of this process as well. We’ve had one major economic disruption after another since the 1970’s. All caused by the policies of a corrupt and aloof leadership that promise more than they can deliver and then print more money to cover their spending habits. Because we are the reserve currency holder in the world, we are able to print up a fresh batch of cash and infuse it into our economy. But all we are doing is kicking the can down the road a bit. Debt does not build wealth. The debtor is always a slave to the lender. The piper will be paid. Economic disruption is coming in the near future. With interest rates at zero and quantitative easing not working anymore, what’s the plan this time around? We have painted ourselves into a corner with no way out. These populist movements will gain strength. Eventually, Washington, because of aloof, corrupt leadership will lose it’s legitimacy. It is the way of history. Sure as rain, as we say in the south. What kind of movement will fill the void? This question remains unanswered. I just hope the Libertarian moment, becomes a Libertarian day. Of course, as the Evangelical Libertarian, I know that, “the king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will.” (Proverbs 21:1) My prayer is that the people of this wonderful land will peacefully return to the God of their fathers, not through government coercion, but because of the great love that He has shown to us in sending His own Son to die in our place. It is only the Gospel that can bring real peace. It must start between God and man. But when internal peace takes hold in the hearts of men, and the Holy Spirit permeates our homes and hearths, national peace will soon follow. That’s a populist movement to get excited about!

We Now Have A Little Something for Everyone

We Now Have A Little Something for Everyone

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Soli Deo Gloria

The Death of America: Its Real Cause, and How We Can Stop It from Happening

Why do the political, and economic structures seem to be hurdling towards death in America?  The answer, in a nut shell is, “we have a theft problem”, and God has said, “You shall not steal.”  We allow the government (through income tax manipulation), corporations (through bank and business bailouts), and the poor (through entitlements) to plunder and parasitically exist off the produce of others.  The more we allow and encourage this behavior through public policies, the more we contribute to the death of our economy, and our way of life.  The protection of the rights, and property of the individual is the only way we can live together peacefully, justly, and fairly as a nation.  As long as theft is enshrined in our political structures, lasting prosperity will elude us.  Liberty is the key to prosperity. God made men free. God tasked us to till the ground, to work, and to be productive. When we force others to take care of us, and to bare the burdens of our mistakes, we violate the natural law that God established in creation. Murray Rothbard explains it this way in his book, “The Ethics of Liberty”,


“Now the man who seizes another’s property is living in basic contradiction to his own nature as a man… he lives parasitically off the labor of others… he is a parasite who feeds unilaterally by exploiting the labor and energy of other men… he fails to add to the social total of goods and services, he depends completely on the production of the host body. And yet, any increase in the coercive parasitism decreases ipso facto the quantity and the output of the producers, until finally, if the producers die out, the parasites will quickly follow suit.


Any way that it may be considered, parasitic predation and robbery violate not only the nature of the victim whose self and product are violated, but also the nature of the aggressor himself, who abandons the natural way of production- of using his mind to transform nature (natural resources) and exchange (his products) with other producers- for the way of parasitic expropriation of the work and product of others. In the deepest sense, the aggressor injures himself as well as his unfortunate victim.” (pg 50)


The death of the American State, Corporate System, and Entitlement programs will come from their own parasitic nature that embraces theft. Like the physical laws of God such as gravity, so the Moral Law of God is immutable. While the rich do get richer for a time, and the poor do get to reap some benefits using the dogma of “income equality” for a season. Parasitic theft will destroy them both, as well as the middle class with them. The poor soul that works hard, saves, invests, and does the right thing day in and day out is being bled dry by government, corporations, and the poor. Together they are sucking the economic life-blood out of hard working American people. They are killing this great nation.  They are destroying the economic engine that has brought unprecedented prosperity and innovation to the world.  They are stealing, and that theft is destroying us all together, as a parasite does its host.


It is imperative then that we consider taking deliberate peaceful action to end this evil being perpetrated against the American people.  If I may, I would like to suggest the following actions be taken. First and foremost, we need to respect the rights and property of our neighbors personally, and take responsibility for our lives and families. Second, we need to elect officials in our local communities that believe in voluntary association, and will abandon political theft as a viable form of government policy. Third, we need to elect officials in our state and federal institutions that respect and honor our founding documents in their historical-grammatical context. Fourth, we need to educate our children in the beauty of true Religion, liberty, logic, economics, and history. Which means a wholesale abandonment of the public education system. Home education, online learning, and un-schooling are important tools in the reclamation of our nation. Ron Paul is producing a great home school education curriculum that is free up to the 5th grade. Tom Woods’ “Liberty Classroom” is an extremely cheap way to get high school level, and above education options for history, economics, and other subjects.   The Mises Institue is also a treasure trove of knowledge.  The Libertarian Homeschooler is also a great facebook resource as well. Never in history has there been so much information available for free, or nearly free. Fifth, we need to shape our language in order to become better able to explain why others, outside of our movement, should embrace liberty rather than to live under the tyranny of State benefactors. Sixth, we need to reach out to paleo-conservatives, sometimes called classic liberals, in order to build a broader coalition so that we might move liberty forward in the significant amount of areas in which we agree.  Publications like the American Conservative, and pundits like Charles Hugh Smith, and Pat Buchanan, often have brilliant insights on current events. Seventh, we should abandon all political parties so that we might become a unifying grassroots movement from within the American people rather than from within a Washington power structure.  Stay decentralized, embrace multiple leaders, defy labels and false media narratives, bewildering the government and media elites in the process. Eighth, embrace black swans. There are all kinds of events that the government and media just don’t see coming, that we in the Liberty Movement often predict. Monetary problems, stock market bubbles, and war are their creations, yet they rarely see how these things come about. We need to share and share alike, using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and every other social media site that exists or comes into existence. If we take these steps, and work together, I feel confident, by the grace of God, that we will succeed in our efforts to save our great nation from the hands of parasitic men; men that deny their own nature and are intent on destroying us all, even if accidentally.

Still Voting Republican?

I have a quick question to ask you dear reader before I retire to bed this fine Sabbath eve.  Why in the world are you still voting Republican?  I’m not saying you should vote Libertarian, I often don’t.  Some of those dudes are the crazy big L libertines that just want to live immorally and have the whole thing sanctified.  I am not opposed to voting Republican, I sometimes do.  I guess I’m asking why do you exclusively vote Republican?  Are you carried away by a party spirit?  Are you a pragmatic that believes unless you are winning you are losing?  Why then?

Is it because they want to cut taxes and shrink the size of government?  Because that has not been the case.  Reagan did not shrink the size of government, he grew it.  He cut taxes and grew revenue, but then he spent more than he took in and grew the deficit.  He actually, while being miles better than that kooky Carter guy, just happened to be the tallest guy in a room full of dwarves.  I loved Reagan, and I do still revere him.  But let’s face it, he ran as a small government little L libertarian and turned out to be a guy who loved government and grew it.

Surely George Herbert Walker Bush shrank the size of government.  I am actually trying not to fall out of my chair laughing about this one.  Not only did he not shrink the size of government, but we are still reading his lips about not raising taxes.  Perhaps W cut taxes and government.  Well he did sort of cut taxes, but government growth exploded under compassionate conservatism, which was really no conservatism at all.  He allowed and agreed with this awful Keynesian money printing fiasco we find ourselves in now.

Here is the ugly truth.  Under both parties government grows.  Under both parties taxes are raised.  Under both parties regulations increase.  Under both parties money is printed to cover their profligate spending and inflation is spawned.  Why would you choose the lesser of two evils?  As an Evangelical Christian, why would you choose evil at all?

Well, perhaps it is because Republicans choose better Supreme Court Justices.  Nope, not the case.  John Roberts gave us the deciding vote for Obamacare and pretty much helped the State write their case.  Sandra Day O’Connor was a Reagan appointee, Kennedy as well.  Stevens, who recently retired, was a George H. Bush appointee.  On privacy and state powers the whole lot of them have been abismal.  Approving of FISA Courts, Patriot Acts, NDAA, the list goes on.

In closing, Republicans don’t cut taxes, don’t cut regulations, don’t shrink the size of government, don’t stop money printing, and don’t appoint good Supreme Court Justices (if there is such a thing).  So why would you give them your allegiance?  George Washington, our first and perhaps greatest president I believe hit the nail on the head, when he said,

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

Yeah…….you know he was right.  Which means you now know I am too!  So get in good company, join me (and George Washington) as I throw off the shackles of this two party nonsense and pursue Liberty!  Liberty from big federal government.  Liberty from regulations.  Liberty from burdensome and unwarranted taxation.  Liberty from unjust courts.  Liberty from state sponsored violence (fine and imprisonment for invented crimes like selling raw milk or owning a business without a license).  Liberty from the State.  Let’s abandon this prison of our own creation.  Let’s do it peacefully, but let’s do it.  I long to breath the air of freedom.  Do you still think the Republican Party is going to bring about the dream of Liberty?  Psh……. In the words of that immortal philosopher Steven Tyler, “Dream on!”


Without the Government We Wouldn’t Have Roads? That’s Silly

The other night I was trolling facebook starting arguments….. Well, actually I was just commenting on a friend of mine’s post about the absolute stupidity of an arbitrary minimum wage hike.  Anyway, another friend of his starts sharing some State propaganda with all of us late night facebookers, about how what the world needs is more government agencies to help poor, hapless, ignorant, incapable fools (such as we Americans are in the eyes of bureaucrats) with all our problems.  And that, without the State we wouldn’t even have roads or space travel.  Well of course I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this public school ingrained nonsense.  I immediately went and gave my 15 year old homeschooling son a quick economics lesson at 1 am in the morning, lest he meet this kind of drivel unprepared, then I sat down at my computer to try and help this ignorant fellow out.  I sat there laughing, trying to imagine all of us sitting around wishing we could go some where, but unable to figure out how to lay asphalt, or plan a route to the nearest store without some overpaid unaccountable government worker overseeing it all.  Have we really come to a point in these United States that we believe we are helpless without the State apparatus.  I know some of you are thinking to yourselves right now, well, who would build roads if we didn’t have the State to do it, after all there’s no profit in it.  Well, there’s no profit in it because the State monopolizes it and doesn’t allow roads to be privatized.  Let me ask a simple question here.  Do you believe that Sears and J. C. Penney’s, as well as other retailers, would not ban together in a private association and make sure you could reach their stores to buy their wares.  The cost would be absorbed into the goods, and the bids would be competitive.  They’d keep their roads nice and neat, make them efficient, and would update them quickly according to need.  After all they wouldn’t want you frustrated in traffic trying to get to them, would they?  Does the State treat you this way?  Heck, no!  State road workers are a running joke, with three people standing holding one sign.

I’m not going to blow your minds with my Libertarian thoughts on space travel, but let me ask you this, “Who discovered the Americas?”  Was it a State, or was it pioneering entreprenuers who were willing to take risk that they might gain reward.  Yes, I know, kings put up some cash, but that was investment.  Who else was going to put up the cash in the medieval feudal system, serfs?  But the State didn’t discover anything.  It was too inbred and afraid to explore, believing they would sail off the edge of a flat World if they tried.  So, exploration did occur, and not by the State, but by brave capitalists. Our lesson for today children is this, roads and exploration both happened before the invention of the modern nanny State.  And we, dear reader, need much, much less of the State in our lives today.

The Evangelical Libertarian

Peaceful Resistance Is Fruitful

There are many Americans today wondering, “How can we stop the endless state and federal intrusions into our lives?” There has been at least one event in the media recently that I believe proves very instructive for us liberty-minded folks as we seek an answer to this important question. The short answer is, “Peaceful resistance and/or Non-compliance. But before we delve into a modern American example of peaceful resistance and non-compliance, I think there are some important historical examples for us to consider first.


Jesus Christ

Jesus was instructed by the state to not heal on the Sabbath day. Yet, what did He do?

Mark 3:1-6 ESV

[1] Again he entered the synagogue, and a man was there with a withered hand. [2] And they watched Jesus, to see whether he would heal him on the Sabbath, so that they might accuse him. [3] And he said to the man with the withered hand, “Come here.” [4] And he said to them, “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?” But they were silent. [5] And he looked around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart, and said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was restored. [6] The Pharisees went out and immediately held counsel with the Herodians against him, how to destroy him.

Jesus peacefully and morally resisted the legitimate authorities because their legal requirements were immoral. Men are only required to honor the legal claims of the State so far as the claim is moral. When the State exceeds the bounds of the Law of God (or natural law), it possesses only brute force, but no moral obligation exists for the citizen.


The Apostles

After Jesus’ resurrection the Apostles are instructed to, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20) They almost immediately began to do as He commanded. After healing a lame beggar in Acts 3, and delivering a Gospel sermon to the crowd that gathered because of the miracle, Peter and John were imprisoned for a day, and then called in to give an account of their actions by the very state that participated in Jesus’ crucifixion. After being forbidden to preach Jesus as Savior by their legitimate rulers, they responded, “whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you (the State) rather than God (and His Law), you must judge. (Acts 4:19) The obvious answer is that we are to obey God rather than men when we are either, commanded by the State to do something immoral, or forbidden by the State from doing something moral.


The Early Church

The first eight persecutions of the church by the Roman State occurred for various reasons. Some persecutions happened because of weather phenomenon or battle losses that the Romans blamed on Christians because they wouldn’t sacrifice to their gods. One persecution happened because the head of the Roman State, Nero, blamed the burning of a large portion of Rome on the Christian people. He set the blaze course. One persecution came upon the Christian people because of their reluctance to utter a simple phrase, “Caesar is Lord”. They believed that to call Caesar Lord would be cosmic treason against Jesus Christ, and so they refused. Because of that refusal they were fed to lions, publicly executed, and in some cases their children were executed before their eyes in order to try and get them to obey the State and participate in Roman idolatry. Many a godly saint’s last vision on the earth was the eradication of his earthly seed at the hands of the State. It was this courage of conviction, this commitment to peaceful resistance, that many point to as the down-fall of one of the mightiest, if not the mightiest empire to every rule on the earth. In fact a phrase was developed out of this period that many still know today, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” It was the blood of non-complying martyrs that not only caused the ranks of the church to swell, it caused support for the State to diminish. In the end Christianity destroyed Rome, not with violence, but with peace resistance.


Other More Modern Examples

Who could forget Ben Kingsly’s masterful portrayal of Mahatma Ghandi. If you know nothing of Ghandi, then know this, he brought the British Empire to it’s knees and practically ended colonialism in India. How did he do this? The answer is, peaceful resistance and non-compliance. What about Martin Luther King? How did King lead the Civil Rights Movement? What was his tactic for ending segregation and racism in the South? It wasn’t through the force of law (as our Public Schools teach us through the Civil Rights Act). No, it was through peaceful resistance and non-compliance. Television screens were filled with young, well dressed African Americans being beaten, and water hosed, while offering no violence in return. They repaid “no one evil for evil” (Romans 12:17). What about the Vietnam war? How was it finally brought to an end? Peaceful resistance and protest, combined with media outlets showing young American men being brought home in flag draped coffins for reasons no one could comprehend, but those in the halls of State. Peaceful protest, non-compliance, iphones, and youtube accounts should be the preferred tools of Christians, indeed all Americans, to push back the tide of federal and state intrusion into the lives, and homes of ordinary law abiding citizens. Which brings us to the recent story I alluded to in the beginning of this article.


Recent Peaceful Resistance

The story comes to us out of Connecticut (Blue State Resistance), where thousands of law-abiding gun owners have refused to register either their weapons, or their magazines, that exceed what the State has recently made illegal. Only about 15% of gun owners there have complied, making 85% of the lawful gun owners in Connecticut felons. Indeed this is one of the largest peaceful resistance and non-compliance cases we have seen in the U.S. in many years.


The Evangelical Libertarian hopes that this is indeed the wave of the future. I hope that Christians as a whole, will wake up from the slumber we have lazed under for far too long, as the liberties secured by our forefathers, through an unwanted and costly war with England, are being taken away by a new group, claiming Divine Right, and absolute obedience to them. I am speaking of both Republicans and Democrats here. While our ruling masters in Washington spend like drunken sailors, fettering our children, and grand children with massive debt, and regulations, they are also printing money and manipulating interests rates that destroy, and de-incentivize savings as well. If peaceful resistance, and non-compliance do not begin to mount now, not only will our nation be economically destroyed by a feckless, uncaring, distant ruling class, but it will become more likely that Americans will die in the future resisting power with violence. Which is unnecessary since, “We the people” have “the right…peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” (1st Amendment) And if those grievances are not properly addressed, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it (the government), and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” (Declaration of Independence)


So arm yourselves with the truth, and a camera, and begin to peacefully resist, or non-comply with immoral power whenever you get the chance. May the Lord richly bless you all in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

The Evangelical Libertarian